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Insurance for Marine Captains & Crew Members

These plans are designed to provide comprehensive major medical coverage worldwide for those in this unique market.  Plans are available for individuals and groups and are fitting for vessel and yacht owners, captains and crew members working at sea. 

Marine Captains and Crew Insurance


Global Crew Medical Insurance 

Individual, comprehensive and portable international medical insurance designed specifically for professional marine crew.

More information on Global Crew Medical Insurance

International Marine Medical Insurance 

Group coverage designed specifically to provide comprehensive medical insurance to marine crew by offering continuous coverage worldwide.

More information on International Marine Medical Insurance

CrewSelect International 

Long-term coverage designed specifically for individual and group marine crew members. Two sub-plan options are available with an assortment of coverages. Both sub-plan options allow you to pre-designate one of three currencies for payment of premium and receipt of benefits

More information on CrewSelect International Insurance

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